Transforming Pathogen Detection with Sansure’s Multiplex Fluorescent PCR Technology

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In the realm of diagnostic testing, speed, and accuracy are paramount in identifying and diagnosing various pathogens. Sansure‘s EBV DNA Quantitative Fluorescence Diagnostic Kit represents a significant leap forward in this field. This innovative technology, built upon the foundation of traditional fluorescent PCR instruments, offers rapid and precise pathogen detection within an impressive 70-minute amplification time.

The Evolution of Pathogen Detection

Sansure’s EBV DNA Quantitative Fluorescence Diagnostic Kit has revolutionized pathogen detection with its cutting-edge technology, allowing for swift and reliable identification of infectious agents. By enhancing the capabilities of traditional PCR instruments, Sansure’s multiplex fluorescent PCR technology sets a new standard in diagnostic testing.

Unleashing the Power of Sensitivity

Sensitivity is a crucial factor in evaluating the accuracy of diagnostic tests, particularly in the screening of infectious diseases like the “kissing virus.” Sansure’s technology boasts exceptional sensitivity, detecting as few as 400 copies/mL of pathogens with unparalleled precision and reliability.

Redefining Diagnostic Testing

Healthcare practitioners are able to confidently diagnose a wide variety of diseases in a short amount of time and with high accuracy thanks to the multiplex fluorescence PCR technology developed by Sansure. It is possible for Sansure to provide timely results without sacrificing sensitivity or specificity by lowering the amount of time required for amplification to just seventy minutes.


Sansure’s innovative approach to pathogen detection through multiplex fluorescent PCR technology marks a significant advancement in diagnostic testing. By combining speed, accuracy, and high sensitivity, Sansure empowers healthcare providers to make informed decisions and deliver optimal patient care in the fight against infectious diseases like the “kissing virus.”

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